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Anyone jumping on board now will lose their shirts as they have well and truly missed the Boom.😐 Like the tech dot.com bubble, by the time the opportunity was perceived at ground level, the bubble was bursting.😐😉

The pivot I believe the Pharma crowd will be moving to (especially given the growing push back on conventional treatments and tech) will be the traditional medicines- it's primed for pharma take over, given we have only explored 3-20% of ethnobotanics globally, WHO has just convened the 1st global trad medicines convention to help regulate and sustainably develop these systems, and with AI advancements, we can now sequence, process and extract therapeutics from botanicals, faster than ever before.

Especially with new justifications on patents and GMOs being upheld since 2012, allowing modified natural organisms to be patenable😐🤔🤨 Hence, we will see old Pharma pivot into natural medicines and with WHOs help, become "new pharma".🤔😉🤦‍♀️

#itsonlyjustbegun #oldisnew #naturevspatent

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Makes sense to rename as these are not DNA altering, gene editing therapies.

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