Dear Hedley - any plans to make an appearance on Steve Kirsch's Vaccine Safety Research Foundation's weekly stream? (https://www.vacsafety.org/).

I emailed them a few months ago to suggest you as a guest and linked to some of your substack articles but I didn't hear back - maybe it got lost among the other messages.

I will message some associated VSRF people on Twitter about it again today.

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You can make a difference. Support, promote and endorse this plan:We have a golden opportunity to save thousands of lives, avert enormous suffering and RELEASE BIG PHARMA'S STRANGLEHOLD. Even the world's economy would benefit. Please show your support and help me get this done.

I have made a suggestion to the FLCCC that they go to China for a face-to-face with Xi Jinping. His biggest heartache is this virus and they have the knowledge and power to teach him to eradicate it. Just recount the Miracle of Uttar Pradesh. Simply repeat that very simple method and protocol. It worked so well that it was commended by the WHO. I am asking others to endorse and facilitate the idea to help make it a reality. There exists not one reason we should not do this ASAP. Not one.

Doing so would show the rest of the world, particularly the west, that ivermectin and the FLCCC's protocols are very safe and very effective and should be adopted without further resistance or delay. Transforming China would leave absolutely no room for doubt that we have been deceived and misled by big pharma and will accomplish that without attorneys or ever mentioning company names. Elegant, isn't it?

If you agree with my idea, PLEASE promote and endorse it: SUPPORT@FLCCC.net

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Go Hedley! Well done for all that you do. Many thanks.

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