INSIDE PHARMA—what’s in it for you?

‘YOU’ will be a critical thinker on the medicines, medical devices, diagnostic tests, and any other allegedly therapeutic products, that you, your loved ones, friends and colleagues may be offered or exposed to.

Critical thinking means unfettered access to facts, evidence and deep, inside knowledge. MSN fed propaganda is not what you are looking foryou want to hear the truth, and that’s what you will get here.

Who is behind it?

It’s me, Hedley Rees.

During August 2021, I was expelled from LinkedIn, where I had been well regarded as the voice of change for the pharma industry. Open minded people there valued my vision of an industry where patients and healthcare professionals were central to medical progress. The ones that didn’t orchestrated my permanent removal.

My bio reads like this:

Hedley Rees is the Managing Consultant at PharmaFlow Limited (2005), a UK based consultancy specializing in operations and supply chain management within the pharmaceutical and life science sectors.

Clients range from large pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotech, and also include investors, lawyers, other consultancies, facility design & build specialists and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

Assignments span preclinical, clinical, and commercial supply chains up to complex multi-product networks covering global territories.

Qualifications: B. Eng. (Tech) Hons Production Engineering, University of Wales; Executive MBA, Cranfield University School of Management.

Previous Appointments: Senior positions at Bayer UK, British Biotech, Vernalis, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and OSI Pharmaceuticals (now Astellas).

Affiliations and qualifications:

What will INSIDE PHARMA give you access to?

  • Hedley’s 40+ years experience working in the industry as a consultant and leader in drug development and commercial supply chains, including vaccines.

  • Easy to understand virtual learning on industry fundamentals, based on Hedley’s progamme for the University of South Wales School of Applied Sciences, titled The Pharmaceutical Industry and Evidence-Based Healthcare, described in this introductory video

  • Interviews with hand-picked experts from Hedley’s vast network of contacts who are working diligently to course-correct the downward spiral that is the Big Pharma modus operandi. Brook Jackson and Sasha Latypova are examples.

  • And much more - check out the archives to fill your boots with the possibilities!